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5 Tips to get wins in Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone is probably the hottest Battle Royale game on the market as of now. Getting wins in Warzone is probably harder than most of the other Battle Royale games, so we compiled a small list of tips and tricks to help you work towards those wins.


  • Plan ahead

This might seem obvious, but planning ahead is one of the most important things to do in Warzone (and most other Battle Royale games). Often players get enticed by loot or gunfights with other people and completely forget about  their positioning and where the next circle is going to end up, more often than not resulting in a trip to the Gulag or an early defeat.

One of the first things you should do when you get on that plane is picking a solid landing location, we’ve compiled a handy list of great spots here, then make a plan. Be prepared to tweak the plan but you should always be able to give some solid reasons for relocating or moving. Try to keep the high ground as much as possible, as it’ll give you an advantage in gunfights. When playing trio’s or squads, you’ll have to talk things over with your teammates, which might sometimes be a little difficult. Make sure you’re all on the same page when it comes to what you want to do. 


  • Make sure you’ve got loadouts set up

Good loot isn’t always that easy to come by and loadouts are a great workaround to ensure you’ve always got what you need with you. Make sure you’ve got your loadouts set up before starting a game of Warzone and also be sure to make multiple loadouts with different weapons and different gear. Sometimes you’ll need a specific perk or a certain weapon when you’re in a sticky situation.

Buying loadouts from buying stations is more often than not a great investment, as it’ll set you up for whatever situation you might be in, so it might be worth investing some of your hard-earned cash. Especially when playing in a squad getting everyone set up will help your team out in the long run.


  • Keep an eye on your contracts

Contracts are a great way to earn some extra cash, so always be on the lookout for those. Do remember however that some contracts might be better if you’re taking things slow than others. You could for example always look out for a scavenger contract early on, as you’ll be looting anyway, so you might as well make some extra cash while you’re doing it. Scavenger contracts are in high demand in the early game, so you might see some action around them.

Contracts can also be used to your advantage. You can, for example, pick up a bounty contract towards the mid-game which will give you a general idea where another squad might be hiding out. That’ll give you an advantage for a couple minutes. When playing with multiple people, talk about what contracts you’re looking to start. You don’t want to be locked into the wrong one.


  • Right killstreak for the right situation


Killstreaks are an essential part of Warzone and you’ll have to get used to using them and them being used against you. Don’t just buy any killstreak without thinking about it, as they are pretty costly and can deplete your cash stack without much result. When it comes to killstreaks, it’s important to use them at the right moment, some killstreaks have more value than others at certain points in the game.

For example a UAV in the late game, when the circle is very small, won’t do you any good most of the time. Most people will have Ghost equipped and won’t show up anyway. If you know the game is going late, invest in something like a Precision Airstrike to flush enemies out of the high ground, or kill enemies that are camped up on top of a building.


  • Share information


Except for if you’re tackling Warzone solo, you’ll benefit from teamwork. Make sure to always call out what you’re doing so teammates can warn you when things go wrong or vice versa. Even if you don’t have a microphone available, use the ping system that’s integrated in the game to help teammates get as much information as possible.

Also avoid leaving your teammates behind to go looting on your own. Often you’ll get caught in a sticky situation with hordes of enemies swarming you, while your teammates are too far away to offer help in time. Try to get a squad of friends together who you play with as much as possible. Building that chemistry is essential in reaching the late game and it also makes playing Warzone a hell of a lot more fun.

Also don’t give up when things don’t go your way. This might sound cheesy but you’ll get there eventually with enough practice and dedication. Join the discussion on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or our Discord!

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