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5 ridiculously overpriced in-game items

Cosmetic or virtual items can become very pricey. But these following games go way beyond that description.

Most games nowadays have microtransactions. In exchange for a small fee, you get bonus content in your favorite game. These items have mostly cosmetic purpose. But some of these purchases go way beyond your standard price tag. Here are 5 in-game contents that cost a fortune.


CS:GO: AK-47 Case Hardened – 150,000 $

CS:GO is known for having expensive skins. The price is a result of the rarity and pattern of the skin.
Other such factors include:

    • A perfectly generated pattern on the skin
    • StatTrak-function, that counts your frags
    • Low signs of use (yes, you can have traces of use on your skin)
Diablo 3: Echoing Fury – 14,000 $

In Diablo 3 you can sell weapons that are randomly dropped by enemies. “Echoing Fury” is one such item. With its original price of 250 US-Dollars it quickly rose in cost, after a player found a variation of this item with very desireable stats. This specific kind of Echoing Fury is now worth 40 billion Gold, which is roughly 14,000 US-Dollars.

Dota 2: Ethereal Flames Pink War Dog – 38,000$

DotA 2 - Teuerster Begleiter

If you ever played Dota 2, you know of the Couriers. They are little helpers that deliver your bought item to you. It is also possible to give those little critters a skin and make them more fashionable. One such skin is the Skin “Ethereal Flames War Dog”, which was sold at around 38,000 US-Dollar. More specifically, this was a special variant of this skin, which had a very unique color of flames.

Entropia Universe: Planet Calypso – 6,000,000 $

Yes, you did not misread this. This virtual planet was sold for 6,000,000 US-Dollars and therefore given an entry in the Guinness book of records as the most expensive virtual item.

This absolutely ridiculous price is made possible, because the game trades with actual money and players use their purchases as investment opportunities. The purchase of the planet Calypso was made by SEE Digital Studios.

World of Warcraft: Rogue-Account – 9,500 $

One of the best equipped Rogue accounts in World of Warcraft was Zeuzo. The account was sold in 2007 for 9,500 US-Dollars. The buyer however could not relish in his purchase for long, as Blizzard banned the account five days after purchase, because selling accounts is not allowed in WoW.

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Image source: Valve | Blizzard | MindArk
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