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5 Great places to drop in Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone remains the most popular Battle Royale game of the moment. Just new to the game or looking for some more tips and tricks to secure those wins? We’ve listed five of the best places to drop down and loot, depending on your playstyle and the risks you want to take.

This list is of course not a definitive guide on how you should play the game and where you should drop every time. It’s an overview of diverse locations that’ll give you different experiences depending on what you’re looking for.


  • Lumber


Depending on if you’re playing trio’s or squads, Lumber could potentially offer a very good spot to drop. The location features a lot of open space with objects sprawled throughout that can be used as power positions or to keep yourself safe when the situation gets a little sticky. When it comes to loot, Lumber has more than enough items to go around but if you’re playing squads and multiple teams decide to drop down you might have to scramble to secure enough loot.

Because Lumber often attracts at least a few other players, it might not be a great place to drop as a brand new player. Early game scraps often go down. More experienced players who know how to defend and hold down a location will have a great time though, potentially setting themselves up nicely for the mid and late game.


  • Storage Town


Storage Town is one of those locations that can set you up really well loot-wise and the amount of players dropping there is often still manageable depending on how the circle is set up and, of course, the route of the plane. Even if multiple players drop down at Storage Town, its layout is still very intuitive and straightforward, making it easier to defend yourself against attacks of other squads.

Even if you lose one of your teammates early due to some action, more often than not Buying Stations spawn in close proximity to the location, giving you a chance to return your fallen comrades. As the game goes on you’ll most likely have to face other squads soon, as Airport and Superstore are close by and also popular places to drop.


  • Dam


Look, sometimes you just want to take things slow. More often than not, you’ll find some peace and quiet if you drop down at the Dam, especially if the route of the plane is favourable. Even if another squad drops down, chances are they’ll be the only ones you’ll have to face for a while. You might not always find the best loot spread around the location but the trade-off is an often secluded start which gives you ample time to strategize and work out your next steps.

The Dam is a solid location for players who are still learning the ropes, giving them ample opportunity to at least get some loot together and get familiar with the game. As the dam is one of the highest locations on the map, you’ll also have the opportunity to jump off it and parachute to safety when things get a little wild. 


  • Downtown Tavorsk


Let’s talk a little about high risk, high reward. When it comes to the most high tier loot that can be found on the map, you’ll find it at Downtown. If you’re a team of confident players that has no issues fighting through hordes of other players who have the same idea, Downtown is absolutely the place to be. You’ll find some amazing loot down there and you’ll find yourself almost smack dab in the middle of the map, but you’ll see a lot of player traffic.

It boils down to what kind of experience you’re looking for in Warzone. Want non-stop fighting? Drop Downtown. If you’re the squad that comes out victorious, you’ll be set for late game. Newer players might not have as much fun though, but those who are brave enough will find an excellent location to get some gunfight training in to improve their skills.

  • Quarry

Quarry will give players a similar situation to Downtown, offering some good loot at the expense of multiple people choosing it as their landing spot. You’ll often see long and drawn out fights around Quarry, with multiple squads being wiped early on. A Buying Station often spawns nearby though, possibly mitigating all that early game aggression.

The location is also very diverse when it comes to the lay-out, offering multiple buildings that vary in size, as well as a very mountainous terrain. Make sure to navigate the map safely, to be sure you’re not giving up the high ground. We all know it’s over when the enemy has the high ground. Right?

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