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100T falls to Envy in Challengers Main Event; fails to qualify for Iceland LAN

Envy crushed 100 Thieves’ dreams of attending the first major VALORANT LAN held later this month in Iceland.

Spencer “Hiko” Martin’s team opened day two of the VCT NA Challengers Finals with a much-anticipated game against NA rivals Sentinels. After a closely contested first map Haven, 100T bounced back with a convincing 13-3 on Icebox, evening the score.

Unfortunately for the Thieves, the third map went the exact opposite, and Sentinels reigned victorious after a 13-4 lecture on Bind.

100T dropped to the safety net of the lower bracket, where it faced Envy, the team that was relegated to that lower bracket by Cloud9 Blue in the opening round of the Main Event.

The series went all three maps, and Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk played out of his mind. Asuna topped the leaderboard in kills (72), Average Combat Score (327), Average Damage per Round (208.5), First Kills (22), and First Deaths (13).

He couldn’t avoid 100T losing the opening map Bind in a very close scoreline but aided his team in picking up the second map, Ascent, 13-8.

With the score 12-11 in favor of Envy, Nick “nitr0” Cannella found himself in a 1v3 post-plant situation. nitr0 managed to bring it back to a 1v1 with only 6 health points left to complete the clutch.

Despite the heroics, Envy won the last round, pushing 100T out of Masters 2 Reykjavik contention.

Four teams remain in the running for the two Masters Reykjavik LAN, with the Upper Final and Lower Round 3 being played later today. Sentinels faces off against Cloud9 Blue for a spot in the Grand Final, and a guaranteed LAN appearance.

The loser of this game will face the winner of Version1 and Envy for a final chance to go to Iceland.

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