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100 Thieves and FaZe Clan move to finals while NRG and TSM drop out

As the NA Masters Qualifier wrap up, 100 Thieves are set to take on FaZe Clan in the grand finals

FaZe and 100 Thieves qualify

Both of these teams have shown incredible inconsistency, appearing strong in the open qualifiers but eventually falling flat in the closed qualifiers time after time. 100 Thieves most notably have tackled this issue by restructuring their roster, replacing Dicey with former CS star Ethan. Adversely, FaZe has built upon their existing roster’s synergy and further unlocked their team’s potential. Both strategies have paid dividends as FaZe and 100 Thieves qualified and are now vying for top seeding.

Babybay stepped up his performance as the team’s primary Operator, heralding a 1.29 K/D across the entire event. Alongside him, Corey also finds himself third overall in K/D so far in the tournament. Ultimately, these duel carries have given FaZe the best win record in the tournament so far, only dropping a single game and hoping to carry this momentum into the finals.

In the 100 Thieves camp, Asuna has been invaluable in their lower bracket run and holds the highest ACS in the closed qualifier so far. Ethan has proved a stabilizing factor for the team and opened most of 100 Thieves opportunities leading with a 60% entry frag percentage. Initally looking shaky, 100 Thieves have shown a return to form, breezing past TSM, Gen.G, and Luminosity Gaming.

Luminosity and Gen.G make it to Masters

The other two teams joining the rest of Masters lineup, Luminosity has continued their hotstreak while the ever-steady Gen.G roster was finally rewarded for their persistence.

Qualifying for Masters by knocking out the new and improved NRG, incorporating Android into the fold, winning by a narrow margin both times in their 2 – 0 victory. Shawn proved himself Gen.G’s constant carry, ending the series with a 1.31 overall rating.

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Image Credit: Riot Games