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Shiphtur and Imaqtpie fail to get in Challenger

There are many signs that the times, they are a-changing. A Chinese team won Worlds. Korea did not win any major tournament this year. NA finally made it past the quarterfinals at Worlds. And now, add one more to the “I am feeling old” checklist – two of NA’ most well-known former pro players, did not make it to Challenger by the end of the ranked season. Rest in Pepperoni. Both Imaqtpie and Shiphtur are among League of Legends’ most + ave long held one of the 200 top spots in the NA solo queue. Well, until this year; both of them were left in Masters by the time the season ended, Shiphtur with 308 LP and Imaqtpie with 306. Shiphtur looked pretty good on his mains Ekko, Kassadin, LeBlanc, while Imaqtpie played Kai’Sa the most, but still had a winrate under 50% with her and in fact only his Lucian stood at over 50%. Still, he was a lot more consistent than Shiphtur, who had winrates of around 40% with Zoe and Jhin despite these being among his top 10 champions. Better luck next time, guys. If nothing else, next year there will be a grandmaster tier – it has a much better sound to it.