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Patch 8.22: Pyke and Time Warp Tonic nerfs, the rest stays much the same

With the ranked season almost over, Patch 8.22 is the last chance to get that sweet Victorious Orianna. Riot has avoided making sweeping changes – that will come in the pre-season – but a few things got the nerf bat. Sorry Not Sorry, Pyke mains. If you’ve been following the PBE predictions, they pretty much panned out. Akali’s W cooldown and ultimate damage got nerfed, Fiora and Jhin have minor adjustments, Leblanc has 10 less damage on W across all ranks (gasp), Maokai’s E got buffed, Nunu gets more AD and better base heal on consume, Trundle’s Q hits harder, and Viktor has lower base damage on his Q and R and better AP scaling. Pyke is the one with a bit more changes, basically all of them nerfs except for his mana costs. His passive grey health is less, and his W move speed, E stun and R damage scale with lethality – but unless you go for 3 lethality items, you probably won’t notice any improvements. But hey, you will finally say you have a reason to get Ghostblade on top of your Duskblade. Don’t expect everyone to buy it, though. Meanwhile, Time Warp Tonic got a nerf as well, and instead of extending regen, it gives you more at the start, but puts the item on cooldown so you cannot use it again until the effect ends. Also, the move speed no longer affects elixirs, in case anyone noticed they used to. There are also multiple bug fixes involving visual and sound effects, Kennen no longer stopping movement when casting W, and Twisted Fate’s E working normally when you use the empowered attack on a Teemo mushroom. Mushrooms finally becoming less toxic… eh, I can dream. Other than that, the patch will feature the release of Program skins for Nami and Leblanc, and Praetorian skins (darker robots, basically) for Fiddlesticks and Graves, as well as the Orianna skin we already knew about. That’s it, folks. Get back to grinding.