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YouTube streamer joins FaZe Clan Fortnite team

By Stoyan Todorov Fortnite 03 May 2018 351 views

FaZe Clan has announced a surprising addition to their Fortnite rooster, with YouTuber RiceGum joining the team. FaZe Clan created its Fortnite squad several months ago and in the latest news, it is letting founding member Thomas ‘72hrs’ Mulligan go and replacing him with YouTuber Bryan ‘FortGum’ Le.

Le’s reputation is not exactly pristine. He has been known for streaming Fortnite while recruiting a female artist to take off items of clothing for every kill he has scored. More than that, Le is said to have pre-recorded some of the sessions and not actually playing while streaming.

Nevertheless, FaZe Clan has stood behind their new selection, announcing in a tweet that Le will be known as Fortnum moving forward.

Some see in this a ploy to shine the limelight on FaZe Clan’s burgeoning Fortnite team. Esports powerhouses currently expect Tencent, the company that owns Epic Games, to plonk down more copious amounts earmarked for professional gaming.

Meanwhile, the newly-baptised FortGum went on YouTube to take a farewell with his audience in a video explaining why he had chosen to quit his career as a YouTube streamer. At least for now.

No official statement has come from Mulligan following his surprising release from the team.