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Will we see the return of Bastion?

By Nikola Petrov Overwatch 03 May 2018 268 views

Bastion is nowhere to be seen in high-level competitive games, and that’s been going on for a while now. Will we see the return of the massive robot and his little bird?

Alongside Torbjörn and Symmetra, Bastion is one of the least-picked Heroes in Overwatch. And while Symmetra is about to receive a drastic rework, one that even pushes her away from the Support role, and Torbjörn doesn’t seem to be going anywhere in the near future, Bastion holds a really peculiar position.

The weakness

Bastion is very strong, durable and packs quite a punch with his assault cannon and tank turret. He is able to stand its ground and murder complete groups of enemies by himself. So, what is his weakness? Mobility.

Bastion is designed to plant himself in a key position and gun down approaching enemies, while his team-mates peel for him. However, this is not really a viable strategy in the current competitive environment, because of the mobile nature of practically every composition.

The 2-2-2 comp is the standard in Overwatch right now. The game was fundamentally designed with the idea of players constantly switching their Heroes mid-game to counter each other in a never-ending cycle. However, the reality is that every pro player has a specific and established play-style and specialises in two or three Heroes. This leads to his team relying on them to stay ‘in-character’ and stick to their role, and the switching aspect of the game is not being properly rewarded to make a difference.

With everybody rushing head first with their Tracers and Winstons, boosted by Lucio, poor Bastion has no chance standing his ground when surrounded by all sides. Not to mention Tracer’s ultimate was enough to one-shot the poor thing before the recent nerf. This made picking him the losing move almost always. Or at least until now.

The new hope

Torbjörn might be out of commission for now, but his daughter is just rushing in. Brigitte was released for competitive play at the start of the month and is expected to put a dent in the metagame. The game-changer is her shield. Though smaller in comparison, another shield beside Reinhardt and Winston is a big obstacle to overcome for a Dive team. Pair that with her healing/armouring ability, and you have a new flexible support that will make killing the enemy damage-dealers significantly harder. So, if they heal and shield more, but are slower and composed in a tighter formation, a massive stationary war machine, able to mow them down with bullets, sounds like just the solution.

In addition, Tracer’s reduced damage will increase the sustainability of Bastion, and sometimes a second more is all the difference.

And then there’s classic Bastion cheese. Like deploying on a moving platform on Volskaya and just shooting down the entire enemy team just as they thought they captured the point. People don’t really play around that cheesy strat, because Bastion is not present in the meta. But this might change, and skilful play will be awarded once more.

Or none of this could turn out to be true, because of the ephemeral and ever-changing essence of the metagame. Time will tell. But be on the lookout, just to be safe.