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w33 joins paiN Gaming

By Tasho Tashev Dota 2 16 Apr 2018 312 views

Aliwi w33’ Omar will be joining the roster of paiN Gaming according to the team’s official statement. That puts an end to any speculation that Aliwi might soon be amongst the ranks of OG, who are still looking for a new mid lane player.

With the departure of Danilo ‘Arms’ Silva many suggested that either w33 or Enzo ‘Timado’ Gianoli will be replacing him. Looks like they were right. Omar is certainly a welcome addition to the Brazilian squad as they’ve been having a rather inconsistent performance lately. From a second place at the WESG 2017 which brought them a hefty sum of $300,000 and world fame, plunging to literally last during the Dota Asia Championship 2018, where they weren’t able to score a single victory. He recently left Going In and didn’t stay long as a free agent. He’s a player with a lot of competitive events behind his back and might be the missing piece that’ll stabilize the team for good. Overall, paiN Gaming have solid players with good individual skill, so with Aliwi joining the squad and bringing all the experience with him, they should be able to perform on top tier level.

This is his first time playing for a South America, so will he adapt to the local playstyle or will it be the other way around? Will the fresh blood last in Brazil?