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VGJ.Storm are GESC Thailand’s champions

By Tasho Tashev Dota 2 14 May 2018 502 views

GESC Thailand is now behind us and it had quite the dramatic finish. With top teams falling off, VGJ.Storm snatched the title and defended the honour of NA Dota.

A bit unexpected, the favourites for winning the tournament, namely Team Secret and Fnatic, were eliminated. Both teams did well in the group stages, steadily holding the first two spots. Fnatic swept out all competition only to lose to VGJ in the semi-finals, with a 2-0 no less. Secret were eliminated by the Chinese Keen Gaming, one might argue if Klement ‘Puppey’ Ivanov’s squad was giving their best, since it really looked as they just wanted to catch their plane for Changsha. After all they’ve already officially qualified for a direct invite to The International with the points they got from third place. Looks like they did the math and decided to take it easy in order not to burn out.

The finals were between VGJ and Keen Gaming. In Game 1, the Chinese had the early lead, but a teamfight around minute 17 cost them dearly as they completely ignored the enemy Abaddon pushing top. Losing a Tier 3 tower caused them to play from behind always in fear they might lose barracks, that was the last thing they wanted. Picking up speed in the mid game thanks to Gyrocopter and Death Prophet, VGJ secured more than 15 thousand networth advantage. After claiming Aegis, they simply waltzed in and put an end to it with Mega creeps. Seconds later the Chinese called gg.

Game two was evenly matches throughout its majority, with the biggest gold lead being about two thousand. One small mistake cost Keen their mid barracks, but VGJ were unable to take anything else as the sidelanes were still standing. A teamfight later Roman ‘Resolut1on’ Fominok got an ultra-kill which made for an easy Scythe of Vyse that made all the difference in the upcoming encounter. Hexing the Razor didn’t give him a chance to react, as a result he got instantly nuked. It looked like Keen were relying on Beastmaster to rat and force their opponents to retreat, but that never happened. Instead VGJ went straight up for the Ancient and the Chinese didn’t have any answers. Thus, the game was over in 33 minutes, giving NA Dota 2 fans some bragging right at last.

The grand title earned them $110,000 in prize money and a handful of circuit points, which will be reduced due to a roster change. Today they’ll be playing versus Vici Gaming in their first match of MDL Changsha.