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Valiant triumphs over the NYXL

By Nikola Petrov Overwatch 04 Jun 2018 242 views

This Sunday, the last day of week 3 in OWL Stage 4 saw the continuous onslaught of the Valiant, who dethroned the mighty NYXL.

New York Excelsior 2-3 Los Angeles Valiant

We can hardly ask for a more intense matchup to end the week in the League. Both teams were undefeated in the Stage and this was finally about to change. Last time these teams clashed was in the Stage 3 Playoffs when New York defeated the local heroes with a cruel 3-0. The Valiant is performing better than ever and with the new meta came newfound confidence. This was their chance to get their revenge and inflict a stinging loss upon the first in the standings.

The Valiant held the payload and were about to stop the NYXL dead on their tracks when Saebyoelbe and Libero decided to take things into their own hands and headshot their way to the three points. Back on the offence, the Valiant hit a brick wall and the map ended 3-0 in a New York Full Hold.

Los Angeles replied with a perfect 0-1 victory to even the score thanks to Soon’s damage.

Map three was battle of the snipers with Pine locking a Widowmaker of his own against Soon. Libero’s Pharah delivered justice from above and the map ended in a convincing Excelsior victory.

This was enough to enrage LA. They formed in a flexible composition with Winston, D.Va, Brigitte supported by Mercy, Zen and Widow and as the match went into a 2-2 tie in the Overtime, the green squad outplayed their rivals and scored the finishing third point and evening the series.

The tiebreaker was a nail-biter to say the least. Heroes fought over land and sky and got knocked off the edge more times than one. Libero’s RIP-tire found its targets, but the Valiant were organised and strong. The initial New York lead melted away in the constant Valiant fire and Blizzard Arena flashed green as the local crowd exploded in cheer. New York was finally overthrown.

Florida Mayhem 1-3 Houston Outlaws

The final game was the continuation of yesterday’s Houston stride. They needed this win if they wanted to remain their contender spot for the Season Playoffs. The first opponent was a relatively easy one – the Shanghai Dragons. Now came time to face against another squad with a mediocre performance thus far – the Florida Mayhem.

The mostly Swedish command opened on the offence and pushed the payload long enough to mark two ticks on the scoreboard. The Outlaws were quicker than them and prevailed with a 2-3.

Game two was intense. Jake missed an important RIP-tire and his team fell behind on tempo, giving an opportunity for the yellow bombers to advance. They pushed forward with Tviq on the Genji and Logix on the Tracer and managed to secure the win with a 1-0.

In a swift change of forces, the Houston came back in the lead with a solid 0-2.

Map four, just like we saw the day before, was long and intense. Ult economy and team composition were key and Arhan’s Hanzo proved a little bit more effective than Tviq’s. Both teams fought well, but Houston managed to take this little extra push that was needed and ultimately secure the series with a massive 5-6. Definitely not as straight-forward as their victory from the day before, but a solid one nonetheless.