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The Nexomania is here

By Nikola Petrov Heroes of the Storm 15 May 2018 1083 views

Everybody’s favourite wrestling show is coming to town. This new set of skins turns Heroes of the Storm characters into luchadores.

The Mexican-style wrestling event is a visual overhaul including skins, mounts, sprays and portraits. It draws inspiration from a fictional Lucha libre league within the Nexus. Popular Blizzard faces are depicted in their alter egos – a colourful set of wrestlers with their tag teams and rivalries.

Nexomania will offer brand-new skins for the characters Lunara, Sonya, Diablo, Garrosh, E.T.C., and Kharazim. Every one of them comes in three flavours, with wildly varying colour schemes and feel to them.

La Parca Lunara, La Catrina Lunara, and Los Muertos Lunara are the new personas of the soon-to-be-reworked dryad.

La Pantera Sonya is La Parca’s arch rival. Ever since she was dethroned by the four-legged contender, she is determined to get her revenge. Their clash is the most exciting thing in the Nexomania right now.

El Jefe Garrosh, also known as El Fuego Garrosh, and Underworld Jefe Garrosh, is one half of the legendary duo Hell’s Screamers. He is armed with a chair and ready for action.

El Chamuco Diablo, Hell’s Screamer Diablo, and Underworld Chamuco Diablo are the new stage names of the Lord of Terror. Probably named after the Mexican Spanish word for devil and not the egg-bread by the same name, he is the other half of the star tag team. His bracer piece is shaped in the flamboyant symbol for ‘II’, most likely a nod to the rumoured upcoming remaster for cult classic Diablo II.

El Mariachi E.T.C., Festival Mariachi E.T.C., and Underworld Mariachi E.T.C. are the new musicians in town. Combining just the right amount of silliness and menace, this shredding wrestler means business.

One of the contenders is a foreigner – Irish boxer-inspired Dropkick Kharazim, who also goes by Champion Dropkick Kharazim, and Dropdead Kharazim. He invokes a truly manly visage, with or without his skull-mask.

Last, but not least, are the fabulous mounts. These come in the shape of Luchihuahua, Pigñata, and Great Razorgrin. It’s a tiny dog in a mask and a walking candy container. They need no further introduction.

The Nexomania ends on 11 June. Until that date, all in-game loot boxes, regardless of the way they are acquired, will drop Nexomania items.