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The new voices of Hearthstone

By Nikola Petrov Hearthstone 23 Apr 2018 230 views

Blizzard’s ‘So you think you can cast’ initiative has ended and the results are in. We welcome the new casters of professional Hearthstone.

We already reported about the competition and explained the rules in detail. Now that the whole affair has concluded, we can report the names of the complete casting team to comment the upcoming Hearthstone Collegiate Championships Championship on 28-29 April. These are ‘Seven’, Nicholas ‘DollaBilz’ Bilz, Cole ‘WillScarlet’ Andersen, and Jace ‘DrJikininki’ Garthright.

To stand out among all the candidates who submitted their videos, these four gentlemen must have left quite the impression on the jury. In case you’re wondering what it takes to become a professional Hearthstone caster, now you have the chance to learn first-hand. These are the video submission by the winners:

As we can see, two of them had a more formal approach, and two of them decided to put poorly edited bow-ties to look as they stay in the same room, capturing perfectly the spirit of Hearthstone casting – a mix of professional analysis and a pinch of silliness.

Blizzard also provided little introductions made by the casters themselves. Here’s what they had to say about their Hearthstone path:


Casting Hearthstone has been an obsession of mine since I won my first match at the game's reveal at PAX East. It's a game I've followed competitively since the start and tend to talk about endlessly to friends and tirelessly explain to coworkers. And when it comes to shows, my co-hosts have come to understand that if there is dead air, I'm going to fill it with something Hearthstone related, because I can talk about it for days on end.


I want to take the plunge and become a Hearthstone caster because this is the dream. I’ve been watching esports since I realized people play Brood War competitively and I’ve been enamored with Hearthstone since the beta. I have a ton of production experience (quick brag – I’ve won 2 Emmys), which gives me additional utility in the live tv / broadcast space. I find video games enthralling and game design fascinating. Everything I’ve done in my 9-year production career has been preparing me for this - it’s time for me to GET IN HERE.


I’ve always had a passion for card games, and I didn’t realize how much more I enjoy casting the games I was playing rather than playing them myself. It becomes a teaching opportunity, not only for the viewers, but for you yourself. I come from a family of educators, so I suppose this attraction is just in my blood.


Casting to me is a different approach to having fun with the game. I’m a very talkative and energetic person so naturally I felt very comfortable casting in front of the camera or live audiences. I want to be a caster so I can enjoy the game I love in a different sort of light.

As the new casters prepare for the casting, you can prepare for their arrival by remembering to tune in to the Hearthstone Twitch on 28th and 29th.