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The Masters of Europe

By Boyan Penev League of Legends 02 May 2018 201 views

After the smoke from the semifinals cleared, it was Origen and Illuminar gaming that clashed at the finals of the European Masters at Leicester. The Polish team had proven to be the giantslayers once again, soundly defeating GamersOrigin, one of the tournament favourites and would have to face the legends playing for Origen. Origen itself took down the team many expected to win the event - MAD Lions E.C. - after a contested series and an impressive performance by their star midlaner, Froggen.

Game 1 started with an advantage for Illuminar as they got the first kill and, as usual for them in the playoffs, the first dragon. Origen replied getting 2 for 1 with a push top, but Kikis used the time to splitpush on Olaf and got 2 turrets bot. Origen got a bigger advantage for Forg1ven’s Kai’sa in a fight for the drake and got into the driver’s seat with strong baron control. Illuminar’s waveclear held them in the game for a while and Woolite was still a threat on his Kog’Maw, but Illuminar found themselves with 3 broken inhibitors. They took a chance to attempt a baron steal, but Origen were able to secure the baron and got a kill on top of it, after which they just forced the base. While Woolite eventually killed Froggen, Insec’s Lee Sin kicked him into the team and Origen were too far ahead to be stopped.

Game 2 started off mostly even as well: Origen got early pressure bot which they translated into first blood as they dove past the turret, but they lost InSec on the retreat and it was only good play that saved them from giving up more kills - and the blown summoners left Froggen vulnerable to a gank a minute later. Illuminar struck back with a dive of their own, getting the first tower and an extra kill. They were able to extend this lead after a series of baron attempts, at the end of which they had the baron, another infernal drake and 5K gold lead. While Origen were able to defend their base, Illuminar had everything else, and strong vision control did not leave Origen with a chance to contest the second baron. What they did do, however, was to make a desperate attempt to secure the elder drake and deny it from Illuminar. The Polish squad tried to intercept them. It was a messy prolonged fight, as Froggen’s Cassiopeia killed both the enemy midlaner and the ADC and taking the baron, although Illuminar got two kills as well. Still, Origen weathered the storm, trusting Froggen and Forg1ven’s Caitlyn to carry them into the late game. This trust was well-founded - after a careful pincer manoeuvre had Illuminar bunched up, Froggen threw caution to the wind and flashed forward, landing a miasma and an ultimate onto the entire enemy team, killing Illuminar’s botlane. and his team immediately followed up. Illuminar’s gold and dragon lead meant nothing, and when the smoke - or rather, the poisonous fumes - cleared, Origen had a clean 5-0 ace and Illuminar had 50+ second respawns on everyone except the support, leaving them free to crack the nexus with time to spare.

Now two games down, Illuminar had to dig deep. The start was rather unfortunate for them, as an attempted blue steal was foiled by the throwaway tormented soil by Jesiz’ Morgana. Illuminar’s early game activity gave them the first blood, but once again they were unable to get an advantage as a Froggen roam gave Origen 2 kills and the first tower. The game stayed close until Expect’s risky flank paid off - his Maokai went into the entire enemy team, disrupting them and barely staying alive to flash away, but his team got 3 kills, all on Forg1ven and Froggen. Froggen showed his prowess on Cassiopeia once more a few minutes later, when he was attacked by the toplane and jungler of Illuminar and survived with a sliver of health. Origen eventually used their advantage to threaten baron, and a careless arcane shift from Woolite’s  Ezreal cost Illuminar their ADC, the baron, and soon afterwards their middle inhibitor. It took several minutes for Origen to get the next teamfight, but when they did it brought them 3 kills and they pushed in Illuminar’s base, taking the series to a clean 3-0 sweep and winning the European Masters tournament.

As Froggen, InSec, Expect, Jesiz and Forg1ven lifted the trophy in front of the cheering Leicester crowd, Origen showed a glimmer of the hype that once saw them as a top European team. The question now is, will they be back next year?