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Tencent works with VSPN to promote eSports

By Stoyan Todorov eSports 11 May 2018 420 views

Sources from Sohu Sports have revealed that Chinese telecoms giant Tencent is moving with yet another investment in eSports. Reportedly, Tencent has committed money to Versus Programming Network (VSPN), which has been working to advance the infrastructure for professional video gaming in China.

The two companies may now be joining forces towards the same goal. VSPN is interested in nurturing talents and signing deals between stars and sponsors.

The two companies are not unfamiliar with each other either. VSPN has been particularly involved with a number of titles in which Tencent has invested. Some of those games include popular battle royale game PUBG, as well as staples from other genres, such as Clash Royale, League of Legends, FIFA, and Honor of Kings.

We have previously reported on Tencent’s efforts to overhaul Honors of Kings as a location-based game. The company’s determination to advance eSports has hardly been limited to games alone. Tencent also invested $1 billion in three Chinese streaming platforms. At this clip, the company may soon give birth to rivals of Twitch.

Another investment worth $470 million came just days ago, with the company forwarding money to PUBG developer Bluehole, where it already has a share.

With the addition of VSPN, Tencent seeks to have a greater say over how events are managed, but also to continue and snowball the expanding eSports industry.