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Summer Playoffs approaching

By Nikola Petrov Hearthstone 26 Apr 2018 246 views

World’s top Hearthstone players prepare for the Summer Playoffs across all regions. A few of them stand out from the rest.

Year of the Raven is definitely the biggest and most organised year in competitive Hearthstone. Blizzard have reworked the entire eSports system for 2018 and introduced a few new concepts.

As the Hearthstone Championship Tour goes on, players compete for serious cash and points. This time around, players will not just be rewarded for their top performance, but also their consistency.

Pros who earn the most points will compete for inclusion in Hearthstone’s three new Master divisions. One-, two- and three-star Masters will get invites for monthly online tournaments, big cash prizes and exclusive Hearthstone memorabilia to celebrate their success.

The Playoffs are rapidly approaching – scheduled for 5-6 May in Europe, 12-13 May in the Americas and 19-20 May for Asia-Pacific regions.

Deck submission deadlines are closing soon, so the meta is about to find its place and reduce the rates at which it shifts.

We are about to see many familiar faces in the Payoffs. Pro players, as well as popular streamers, are doing great in the current competitive scene and will meet in the Tavern very soon.

Players such as Kolento, Pavel, Dog, RDU, Fr0zen, tom60299 and Ant are all in the leading positions in the current Standings. But one player stands out even further – young Norwegian pro Hunterace. He is head and shoulders ahead of the competition, sitting at the impressive 66 points, 11 more than the second best – Fenomeno.

With accomplished players like these leading the charge, Europe is currently Hearthstone’s best region and it’s a great thing that we’ll witness its Playoffs first. With up to 30 points up for grabs though, hundreds of players have the chance to rise to the very top at this stage of the competition, so nobody can be sitting comfortably on his position quite yet.

Another wild variable is the metagame – with the Witchwood expansion released so soon, the top tier decks still have room for improvements. Sure, many players have a preferred playstyle and we can expect certain archetypes from them, but that’s the beauty of high-level Hearthstone: it is ever-changing.

It’s going to be a fascinating season to watch. We’ll keep you posted.