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Stratton Sclavos probes the proverbial waters of eSports

By Stoyan Todorov eSports 26 Apr 2018 179 views

Former VeriSign Inc. CEO Stratton Sclavos has shifted his interest to eSports. Sclavos is known as an established name in multiple overlapping fields, including Internet security, telecommunications, and the less-so traditional sports.

His latest hobby horse involves the thriving eSports industry, and Sclavos intends to participate in it. Pooling his efforts with NBA champion Rick Fox, former Spectrum Business Ventures CEO Amit Raizada, and Twin Galaxies Co-chairman Jace Hall, Sclavos established Vision Venture Partners (VVP) a year ago.

VVP is dedicated to advancing eSports in general by making substantial investments in the sector. So far, the company has managed to conclude a successful funding round, adding $38 million in fresh capital.

VVP’s efforts in supporting eSports have been aligned with the Echo Fox’s brand which fields competitors across multiple titles, including League of Legends, Super Smash Bros, Call of Duty and H1Z1.

The Echo Fox powerhouse has come a long way in a short time thanks to its president Jared Jeffries who has been cited for the success of the organisation by Sclavos in the past.

Mr Sclavos’ vision for the industry is slightly different. He estimates that eSports will soon shift the limelight from powerful teams to noteworthy players who will become legends in their respective field, drawing a parallel with basketball and Michael Jordan.

VVP has already supported a burgeoning initiative, namely the H1Z1 Pro League where Echo Fox’s own squad competes. The competition launched on 21 April at the Twin Galaxies Esports Centre in Las Vegas, part for the Caesars Entertainment Studios.

Sclavos also noted on the potential ROI from allowing organisations to field their own teams, paying as much as $60 million for a spot in a major competition. In his own words ‘publishing is key,’ and VVP may change how eSports are broadcast.

The H1Z1 Pro League will serve as a good testing ground for VVP’s future endeavours and engagement with eSports. One of the centrepiece changes the company wants to introduce is Facebook as an alternative to popular streaming solutions, such as Twitch.

A slight conflict may stem from the fact that VVP intends to endorse multiple eSports leagues in the future, including the H1Z1 Pro League where it is already actively involved, and to continue to invest in powerhouses, such as Cloud9, Counter Logic Gaming, and Luminosity.