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Shields are up

By Nikola Petrov Overwatch 27 Apr 2018 233 views

It’s OWL Stage 3 Week 4 and teams are finding their place in the standings. Gladiators scored a valuable victory, while the Shock suffer a loss.

Los Angeles Gladiators 3-2 London Spitfire

The first game was very close and intense. Los Angeles took the lead, but London came back to even the score witch key Transcendence from Bdosin. In the end, Gladiators zoned them out just enough to tick this important last point and win the map. The second map went much better for them. They took advantage of a big mistake by Spitfire and took the payload. London almost managed to stop it, but a nice ult pop by BigGoose secured the game.

The close battles continued through maps three and four, both ending in favour of the orange-teal team. The tiebreaker was extremely intense, ending in the classic OWL 99%-99% Overtime key team battle. The Gladiators were victorious.

Birdring’s absence is getting really noticeable. We haven’t received confirmation as to why did he skip the last few games in the Stage, especially after his stellar performance during the previous two. It is rumoured that his wrist injury has to do with it, or that his inconsistent performance made Hooreg the better pick. Either way, the fans miss him, and the team coul be doing better.

San Francisco Shock 1-3 New York Excelsior

This was a clash that made fans really excited. The Shock are on the rise, winning a lot in this Stage with Sinatraa leading the charge. New York are one of the strongest teams right now, and probably the most difficult opponent before San Francisco so far.

The battle was frantic and both teams resorted to intriguing tricks to get the advantage, constantly trading key kills. The Shock got the first map, despite taking heavy losses. NYXL pushed on and won the second map. Keeping the momentum, they continued to systematically eliminate Shocks’ Supports and tanks, depending on the situation and established firm map control.

The Shock lashed at them during map four, but it wasn’t quite enough, and the matchup ended in a blue victory.

Seoul Dynasty 3-2 Philadelphia Fusion

After their surprising rise at the end of Stage two and the strong opening of Stage three, Philly are really struggling. From Stage Champion contenders, they fell to 8th in the Stage and 7th in the League. Seoul also suffer from inconsistent performance and still have a long way ahead if they are to rise to the very top. That being said, both teams are extremely skilled and nobody expected this battle to be one-sided. And it wasn’t.

The matchup was a game of chess, where both teams focused on particular players during team battles. At least until EQO’s TIP-tire goes flying, scoring triple kills – classic Philadelphia Fusion. However, the Tigers are good at adapting and with the help of Munchkin secured the first map. Philly came back in the second map and it was off to Nepal. EQO switched to Genji and did some serious damage to Dynasty, taking their Mercy down from the sky and slicing and dicing through their team comp. His five-player kill streak gave his squad a much-needed push during the final battle and Philadelphia was victorious. Their success was expertly shot in the fourth game, though as their payload was intercepted and stopped dead on its track. It was Oasis time. Fusion took a comfortable lead at first, but the Tigers tied them up. In the final team battle of the match, targeting priority was key and Carpe got to work, killing both Supports. Fleta was next in line, but he somehow dodged all the fire, allowing the rest of Seoul to take the final zone and secure this impportant victory.