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Red Cross pairs up with Legacy to beat loneliness

By Stoyan Todorov eSports 04 May 2018 233 views

The Australian Red Cross has struck an unlikely partnership with eSports team Legacy. The two entities will set up an initiative aimed at fighting loneliness. According to the Red Cross, one in four Australians reports a feeling of loneliness.

This collaboration will allow eSports to be perceived as a more beneficial activity, beyond the stigmatised waste of time older generations hold it to be.

Because of the push for community eSports with brand new facilities opening doors around the world, professional video gaming and gaming in general, is seen as an activity that brings people together.

Legacy will rename themselves as ‘Loneliness’, appealing to fellow eSports gamers and enthusiasts to rename their own squads in a bid to raise awareness.

Legacy Rocket League Team member Nathan ‘Cyrix’ Baxter had this to say:

‘Legacy Esports is an esports team, and like any sporting team one of the best things about it is being surrounded by like-minded people who you know will always have your back.’

‘The esports league we belong to has created a community that helps people feel more connected and less lonely. We love the support from our fans too - no one should have to feel lonely, and we are extremely excited and proud to team up with Red Cross to help #beatloneliness.’

According to Red Cross CEO Judy Slatyer ‘The friendships and sense of belonging felt in sporting and gaming communities are what makes this project so special. We want people to know loneliness doesn’t have to be a constant in their life.’

To sign up for the initiative and challenge another team is to ‘beat loneliness,’ and this is precisely what The Red Cross and Legacy hope to do.