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Predictions for OWL Stage 4

By Nikola Petrov Overwatch 15 May 2018 458 views

The last Stage in the Overwatch League is just around the corner and things are more intense and unpredictable than ever. Here’s what we expect to see.

New Meta

This is probably the biggest one in today’s list. Brigitte is hitting the professional scene and this changes a lot. According to insiders, many of the teams have made her mainstay in their line-ups and a lot of Support players are practically maining her at this point. She does have a shield, and this protection does wonders in team fights.

What is the big deal, you ask? Dive is on the way out.

So far, most maps required a fast Dive formation with Winston in the vanguard and Tracer running about. Well, from what we can tell, this approach is no longer viable. With the huge amounts of defence that Brigitte provides (not only healing, but also armouring up her teammates), it is now more difficult to just jump a target and eliminate it. Players will have to adapt very quickly to each other, and things are looking really interesting. 

A new metagame is a good thing. We’ll see who’s the best new support, and what guys like JjoNaK would do, even though Zenyatta is not going anywhere.


The Stage would be boring if we can predict every single result, wouldn’t it? So far, nothing has ever been set in stone, or that easy to anticipate. Sure, we have out dominating teams and the bottom tier ones, but this could change in matter of days.

The Shanghai Dragons are yet to win a single game in the League. That being said, their morale is high, the new Korean players feel really at home with them at this point, and they display an extremely interesting playstyle. Their unpredictable movements and the rock-solid performance from Geguri, Diya and Fiveking, has won them a handful of maps so far. It is merely a matter of time before they get there. Sure, everybody was saying this before the start of Stage 3 too, but this time things are looking much better.

Houston Outlaws need to be more consistent, and they are perfectly able to deliver. We might see them surpass better teams this stage.

Philadelphia Fusion allowed a few missteps last stage. They can’t afford to repeat that. This Stage they’ll have to give their absolute best and make it at least to the Playoffs.

San Francisco Shock are young and determined. Their performance saw a steady increase and the arrow will probably continue to point up. They will most likely do good in this stage, but not enough to get them through the blue teams.

Stability and decline

London Spitfire and Seoul Dynasty are both amazing, but consistency is not their strong suit. When they win, they are a joy to watch. But often they would drop a game due to lack of focus or straight-up arrogance. It is less likely that we will see an all-Korean Playoffs in this Stage.

LA Valiant and LA Gladiators are absolutely on the rise. They had an impressive performance last Stage and made the home audience proud. It is certain that they will do their absolute best, and it is likely that they will keep their positions.

Dallas Fuel are on the decline and probably won’t be recovering this stage. Players such as Taimou have been complaining about the high amounts of pressure and lots of internal conflicts. If the players can’t communicate properly, or trust their coach, they are doomed to fail. We can still hope for the best, though.

Florida Mayhem are one of the teams hit by the recent patch confusion. Hopefully, they can turn that around and perform better, but it’s not very likely.


The big boys will probably stay on top. The NYXL have been the most consistent team in the entire league, losing only 3 matches so far. They also have two and the three championship titles and they are not moving away from the Playoffs. That’s not to say they can’t drop a critical match and finally be dethroned. All the other teams will do their best to do destroy them, that’s for sure.

Boston Uprising did the unthinkable and went on the highest win-streak in history, only to crash in the New York wall in the Stage finals. While not champions in title, they sure are the best performing team lately, and the only one who have beaten the Excelsior in the last stage. A strong contender.

Of course, these are merely educated guesses. For all we know, things might go exactly in reverse. That’s the beauty of the Overwatch League – the frantic nature of the games, and the skill level of the players makes it so everything is possible. Buckle up and prepare for a crazy ride.