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Patch day review

By Tasho Tashev Dota 2 17 Apr 2018 211 views

The Thursday patch rolled in and shattered all the anticipation for it. People flooded forums with ‘Judgement day’ memes, where Techies was supposed to join Captain’s Mode so we can finally have the full roster of heroes available in it. There was a rumour by EG’s manager Phillip Aram that this update will bring a lot of changes into the game and he wasn’t too far away from the truth.

  • Aegis now has an alt tooltip that explains how to pronounce the item | Pronounced as ayy jis

Starting with probably the spiciest change in recent months which already spawned plenty of meme, but most importantly told us how to properly pronounce ‘aegis’. There’s an old tale from years ago, that IceFrog himself has stressed the importance of properly saying the word, there’s also a tweet to confirm it.

  • Tier 1 Tower Team Bounty reduced from 120 to 100
  • Tier 2 Tower Team Bounty reduced from 200 to 120
  • Tier 3 Tower Team Bounty reduced from 200 to 140
  • Tier 4 Tower Team Bounty reduced from 200 to 160
  • Range barracks team bounty reduced from 150 to 100
  • Filler buildings gold bounty from 125 to 75
  • Ranged creep average gold bounty reduced from 57 to 54
  • Glyph duration increased from 5 to 6
  • Melee Barracks HP increased from 1500 to 1800
  • Shrines HP increased from 1500 to 1750
  • Shrines now have 5 HP regen
  • Rescaled Level 12->25 respawn time curve to be slightly less early and the same later on (changed from 48/52/54/56/58/60/70/74/76/78/82/86/90/100 to 44/46/48/50/52/54/65/70/75/80/85/90/95/100)

All of these changes are targeted at lowering early game pressure and allowing for a better chance of coming back into the fight. Less gold from towers means less snowballing and losing an important team fight will now give opponents less of an advantage. Laying siege on the high ground is also significantly harder, with the increased health pool on the much more important melee barracks. Even if you manage to lose those, shrines are becoming less of a free kill and it’s now worth to actually try and defend them, since they’ll eventually regenerate back to full. On top of everything the 1s increased duration on the Glyph of Fortification might not seem like much at first but combine it with the rescaled respawn time and you’ll be able to defend where you previously couldn’t.

  • Removed hero class specific perks, the bonuses now affect all classes.
  • Removed Status Resistance as a Strength based attribute bonus
  • Rebalanced str/int/agi bonuses below (they still provide +1 bonus damage to primary attribute holders)
  • Primary Attribute now provides +25% more benefit to the bonuses it provides:

Old Strength:

  • 20 Health
  • 0.71% HP Regen
  • 0.15% Status Resistance

New Strength:

  • 18 Health (+25% for str heroes: 22.5)
  • 0.55% HP Regen (+25% for str heroes: 0.68%)
  • +0.08% Magic Resistance (+25% for str heroes: 0.1%)

Old Intelligence:

  • 12 Mana
  • 2% Mana Regen
  • 0.07% Spell Amplication
  • +0.15% Magic Resistance

New Intelligence:

  • 12 Mana (+25% for int heroes: 15)
  • 1.8% Mana Regen (+25% for int heroes: 2.25)
  • 0.07% Spell Amplication (+25% for int heroes: 0.087%)

Old Agility:

  • 0.17 Armor
  • 1 Attack Speed
  • 0.06% Movement Speed

New Agility:

  • 0.16 Armor (+25% for agi heroes: 0.2)
  • 1 Attack Speed (+25% for agi: 1.25)
  • 0.05% Movement Speed (+25% for agi: 0.062%)

The attribute-specific perks were something recently added with the 7.07 patch. Before that only Intelligence used to give you increased spell amplification. With 7.07 strength gave ‘status resistance’, which decreased the duration of most crowd controls on your character, while agility increased the movement speed slightly and intelligence provided additional magic resistance. Until this Thursday those bonuses were limited only to heroes based on that attribute, that’s no longer the case. Even though everyone gets the extras now, every hero is better at one of those. Status resistance isn’t completely removed from the game as it still exists on Tiny and Aeon Disk, but after many heated discussions regarding the mechanic, maybe it’s better this way. The magic resistance part from intelligence was moved to strength, which should make strength-based heroes even harder to kill. It feels like agility characters that stack a lot of the stat will benefit the most. Off the top of my head comes Morphling, who in addition to moving faster, attacking faster and having more armour will also deal more burst damage thanks to the spell amplification. That increase in damage shouldn’t be too noticeable though, as his intelligence gain isn’t that great, but later into the game when his all-stat items are online it might make a much-needed difference. Overall strength heroes will be harder to kill, due to increased health pools and magic resistance, while intelligence characters will enjoy more mana and the regen to support it.

A special mention goes to Silencer, Vengeful Spirit and the rest of the cast that have solid stat gain per level, who’ll become overall better in every way. Outworld Devourer fits into every category, as he already has high base movement speed, agility and strength gain and is able to stack huge amounts of intelligence, which now provides more mana and amplification. The hero will probably be a monster as he doesn’t care about magic resistance and all of his capabilities are being enhanced.