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Patch 4.3.0 brings new Arcade content

By Nikola Petrov StarCraft II 25 Apr 2018 293 views

The latest patch brings new maps available for purchase at the Arcade, alongside bug fixes following the recent co-op balance updates.

The big news here are the new fan-made game modes for the Arcade. One of them is a Protoss-themed turn-based RPG named ARK Star, designed by renowned community member Daniel ‘Pirate’ Altman, winner of 2015 Rock the Cabinet contest.

The game follows the journey of an elite team of templar named the Sol Seekers on a mission to destroy the ARK Star – a powerful weapon. This is the trailer for the mode:

The other one is named Direct Strike, designed by community member ‘Tya’. This is the successor of massively popular Arcade map Desert Strike HotS.

The original tug-of-war-style map Desert Strike will remain available for free. The purchase of Desert Strike gives players the next step in the map evolution, augmented by new game modes and cosmetics. Here’s the trailer for it:

Listed below are the complete patch notes, as provided by Blizzard:


  • New premium Arcade content is now available for purchase.

ARK Star

  • All new single-player, tactical, turn-based RPG, from Pirate.
  • Level up your party, collect weapons and armor, and unravel the mystery of ARK Star.
  • Learn more in our blog.
  • Direct Strike
  • An upgraded version of Desert Strike HotS from Tya.
  • Classic Tug-of-War gameplay with new free Commander Modes.
  • Premium content unlocks more modes and cosmetics rewards.
  • Learn more in our blog.
  • A new ‘Premium Content’ filter has been added to the Arcade section.
  • New visual indicators have been added for the following upgrades:
  • Anion Pulse-Crystals
  • Extended Thermal Lance
  • Advanced Ballistics

Bug Fixes


  • Disabling Ambient Sounds will now disable the sounds made by the Marine, Hydralisk, and Zealot on the Versus screen.


  • Fixed an issue where a cutscene would not play properly during the briefing before Harbinger of Oblivion.
  • Broodlings that spawn during cutscenes will no longer remain around your base when skipping the cutscene on Flashpoint and Fire in the Sky.


  • Fixed an issue that caused two bunkers to be stacked on each other on Lock and Load.
  • Loading screen tips no longer overlap with the Co-op map tips for certain languages.


  • Researching the "Charge" upgrade in a Co-op mission no longer grants the player 400 XP.


  • When cancelling a structure, the full death animation will no longer be triggered.

Han and Horner

  • The Widow Mine will now display a targeting laser indicating the unit they are locked onto.
  • Reapers will no longer become stuck as flying units after being attacked by Void Crystals on Scythe of Amon.


  • Fixed an issue where Sentinels would sometimes revive and become unresponsive.


  • The Raven no longer loses armor upgrades when in cloaked mode.
  • Removed placeholder text from the Raven's "Deploy Bio-Mechanical Repair Drone" tooltip.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the cooldown of Ignite Afterburners to not benefit from the “Speed Increases for Drop Pod Units" mastery.


  • Using Combat Drop over a bridge on Void Thrashing will no longer cause A.R.E.S. bots to not spawn.


  • The ranking in the Versus A.I. queue will now increase and decrease properly.
  • The Simple Commands card no longer have art issues with the new console skins.
  • The Pin Map button no longer overlaps with long map names.
  • Melee maps that were played with an extension mod no longer appear with the extension mod under the My Map Published filter and when searching for the map.
  • The level reward decal is no longer cut off when observing the reward decal on the defeat or victory windows.
  • The 'Select Builder' universal hotkey no longer appears unbound on the Standard layout
  • Fixed an issue where the Bob Toss portrait was not listed in rewards section of respective achievements
  • Fixed an issue where the icon for Adept's Resonating Glaives upgrade was using the old art in Production tab


  • The Research Extended Thermal Lance upgrade new displays the range increase.
  • The Auto-Kill achievement has been relocated to the "Unranked/Ranked" category instead of the "Melee Combat.”
  • When activating the Oversight or Surveillance Mode ability with multiple Overseers and Observers selected, the units will now activate all at once instead of one at a time.
  • The textures of the Nexus spell Recall will not remain on units that were attacked by Neural Parasite.
  • Viper Abduct and Reaper KD-8 Charge can no longer prevent Recall from finishing.
  • Activating the Surveillance Mode ability will no longer cause Observers to appear in the production tab.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the model for Calldown: Extra Supplies to become stuck in the air.
  • Fixed an issue where, under certain circumstances, canceling 'Spawn Creep Tumor' caused the original Creep Tumor to retain the 'active' model but could not activate ‘Spawn Creep Tumor.’
  • Overlords and Overlords with the ‘Ventral Sacs’ upgrade will no longer both be selected when using ctrl+click or double click.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Spore and Spine Crawlers to disappear from Structures tab when they uproot.
  • Adjusted the art for the Mira’s Marauders Marine skin to help differentiate them from the default Ghost skin.