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Overwatch Anniversary 2018

By Nikola Petrov Overwatch 15 May 2018 563 views

Overwatch is running a special brawl to celebrate its birthday. We will see the return of many exclusive skins from in-game events from the past two years.

In addition to the flashy cosmetics, we will also be able to participate in past Brawls – a treat for the lovers of the more arcady side of Overwatch.

The news came in the form of a Tweet with a little video attached. In it, we see dancing Heroes showcasing some of the skins that will return in the loot boxes. They include Sharkbait, Bajie, Rudolph Roadhog, as well as Junkenstein’s Monster. Next to him, we see Junkrat in his Dr. Junkenstein, Beachrat, and Firework garments, as well as a brand-new pirate skin!

The latter is probably part of this year’s exclusive package and will most likely go away after the event. The Tire-flinging mercenary is depicted with crossed sabres on his back, eye patch and fashionable striped trousers. The skin wouldn’t be complete without a hook and a peg-leg, and these ones are extra piraty, with skulls and everything.

Last years Anniversary event added new maps and 11 legendary skins. As with every timed event, there was a light controversy surrounding the preserved high prices of the items and the timed nature of their appearance. Blizzard did assure fans that they listen to their feedback and take measures to improve the game. We will see if they will deliver.

The event starts 22 May. See you in the Arcade.