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NYXL welcomes new support player

By Nikola Petrov Overwatch 02 Apr 2018 496 views

The Stage 3 OWL champions New York are boosting their ranks with new support ANAMO and assistant coach ZET.

New York Excelsior are the leading all-Korean team in the Overwatch league and a fan favourite. They made it to the finals of both Stage 1 and 2 and won the latter in a dramatic reverse sweep. Throughout the League, they proved to be one of the best teams in the world, thanks to their stellar DPS players, but especially due to their exceptional supports. Sung-hyeon ‘JJoNak’ Bang is one of the biggest stars currently in the league, with his main Heroes Ana and Zenyatta. He made the offensive Zenyatta archetype popular (and prominent in the current meta) so much so, that Blizzard had to nerf him in an upcoming patch. The other New York support, Yeon-joon ‘ArK’ Hong, is an outstanding Mercy player and a true boon to his teammates on the field of battle.

Now the Excelsior is expanding with another support who is sure to compliment their play style. Luicio player Tae-sung ‘ANAMO’ Jung is the third buffer in the team, making sure they are covered in case of injury our other unpleasant circumstances. No more will ‘ArK’ have to worry about taking the leading support role in JJoNaK’s place.

The other new recruit is assistant coach Zet. He also seems to have one main goal in the team - maintain peak performance for Stage 3 and onward.