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NewZoo puts Twitch ahead of YouTube based on eSports viewers

By Stoyan Todorov eSports 21 Apr 2018 218 views

Gaming intelligence firm NewZoo has announced that the Game Streaming Tracker will now include data from YouTube Gaming. The platform will rely on machine learning to track eSports-related data and help the platform garner a better insight into the industry, providing useful information to developers, organisers, and sponsors.

After an early launch of the Game Streaming Tracker, NewZoo has now released five valuable insights revealing that YouTube Gaming is likely to shape as a more appropriate venue for casual gamers rather than eSports buffs.

Based on the data provided by NewZoo, YouTube managed to generate mere 32 million viewing hours over the first quarter of 2018 whilst Twitch maintained its heavy dominance with 228 million hours.

More specifically, YouTube Gaming had chiefly been dominated by Minecraft until it was revitalised with an injection of Fortnite in March.

According to the data, YouTube users were streaming more Clash Royale and Arena of Valor. Battle royale games and mobile-first titles have been gaining popularity among both professional and fan communities, paving the way for YouTube to participate in this trend and add a vast swathe of viewers.

Another auspicious moment for YouTube may be the fact that battle royale titles are becoming more spectator-friendly as well and future tournaments are about to kick off, with the H1Z1 Pro League on the cards.