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Mountain Dew joins forces with Immortals for a new beverage

By Stoyan Todorov eSports 19 Apr 2018 168 views

The latest collaboration between a non-endemic brand and an eSports organization is Immortals and Mountain Dew, a beverage maker. Mountain Dew has announced that it would seek to create an official drink for the eSports team.

In the spirit of similar initiatives, the partnership will be promoted on Mountain Dew’s Twitch Channel, and across the eSports titles where Immortals have representatives. Apart from the established sword-and-sorcery Dota 2, the team has had a palpable presence in Arena of Valor, Clash Royale, and Super Smash Bros., all of which are burgeoning electronic sports titles.

Immortals CEO Noah Whinston had this to say in the official press release, This partnership represents the tip of the spear of what Immortals and Mountain Dew endeavor to accomplish together. We’re incredibly excited about the brand's desire to focus on content and activation, delivering real value to current and future Immortals fans through innovative asset creation and deployment. We're looking forward to releasing more details about what fans can look forward to in the next few months.‘

A product of Pepsi, Mountain Dew will seek to consolidate the bond between the eSports powerhouse and millennial fans, said PepsiCo Vice President of Marketing Global Flavors.

Mountain Dew, Immortals, and Lionsgate, who are a major shareholder in the eSports team, will collaborate on a yet unannounced eSports series.