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MG no longer with the Dragons

By Nikola Petrov Overwatch 06 Jun 2018 309 views

The Shanghai Dragons part ways with tank Wu ‘MG’ Dongjian.

The news came in a vague tweet by the reds. The reason for his departure is unclear. Could have been a mutual decision, or a termination of his contract by the team. It’s a bit strange to let a player go mere four matches before the end of the Inaugural Season, so it’s probably not MG’s decision.

This is yet another change of roster after the recent departure of Undead, following a coaching change.

MG is a tank player specialising in D.Va and Zarya. These happen to be exactly the same heroes star player and new recruit Geguri specialises in, so one explanation for the divide could be the intentions of Shanghai to extend their focus on her in the future – a strategy already set in motion by another Overwatch League team, the London Spitfire.

This is yet another Chinese player who leaves the Shanghai roster. The emphasis is clearly put on the newer members of the team who are Korean, probably in an attempt to match team’s playstyle with the one already established in the League.