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Hunterace triumphs in Seoul

By Nikola Petrov Hearthstone 11 Jun 2018 344 views

The young Norwegian prodigy got his first HCT win and much needed 15 points from the flashy Korean event.

Casper "Hunterace" Notto is considered by many to the best player in the world right now. Like many Hearthstone heroes, he showed up from seemingly nowhere and took the competitive scene by storm, while enjoying huge fan support over his stream and social media. Analyzers predicted his rise to glory for the past few tour stops on the Championship and he finally met their high expectations this weekend.

Hunterace took the second place on the previous two stops – HCT Toronto and HCT Germany. Looks like third time is the charm indeed, as he finally won the greatest honor, together with a rather fancy trophy, in a tight game against another master – SamuelTsao.

The Norwegian card slinger had a very strong final day. He took his game against katsucuurY with a 3-0 and against Steelo with a 3-1.

SamuelTsao had a rougher run with his previous games, against seohyun628 and justsaiyan respectively, both resulting in a nerve-wracking 3-2.

The whole affair was a string of ups and downs. We saw some clever moves, but also some shaky decision making, especially from SamuelTsao. The Norwegian took the lead, but the Asian contender quickly closed the gap with a tie. The two traded another victory and the decisive final came to a 2-2. Both players were visibly shaken from the pressure.

In the bitter end, Hunterace’s aggressive Midrange Hunter is what managed to completely shoot down the Shaman-piloting Tsao, who was left with only a couple of cards in hand and the “Well played” emote versus his opponent significant board advantage.

In the post-nerf era players had to rely on new brews to win the games. Like many stars do, Hunterace made his deck list available on his Twitter prior to the event:

Last year SamuelTsao qualified for the World Championship, where he lost to tom60229, who ended up winning the whole event. This time he lost to Hunterace, who definitely has the potential to take the crown. Will history repeat itself? We’ll have to wait and see.