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Hearthstone’s new feature is great

By Nikola Petrov Hearthstone 18 Apr 2018 391 views

‘Borrow a deck’ is now live to the joy of players. The new mode could be a game-changer for beginner and budget-oriented players.

To the disappointment of Rafaam, players can now freely share their decks with each other, for the benefit of all. The feature is already in the game, as reminded by Blizzard in a flashy tweet:

The new button appears right at the bottom of the UI when you challenge a friend to a game. Once you request to use your friend’s decks, they get a dialogue window with the options to accept or deny.
Needless to say, the feature only works in friendly duels with friends, and not on the ladder.

A common misconception is that you only borrow your friend’s decklist. This is not the case! You take their cards even if you don’t have them in your collection, including their card back and the Hero portrait they are using!

This is what makes the feature so great. Many players who are either brand new to Hearthstone, or come back after a long hiatus, are often intimidated by the vast amounts of Arcane Dust required to build the top decks in the meta. This means either disenchanting most of your collection or spending lots of real-world cash on cards. And what happens if you finally build that fabled deck and you hate its gameplay style? You’re out of luck.

‘Borrow a deck’ is a powerful teaching tool for veteran players to give their rookie friends a taste of higher level of play, as well as crazy decks they could never afford to build.

Recreate the Inn-vitational finals with a friend who simply doesn’t have all the cards? Check.
All-Legendary mirror match? Check.
Only golden cards and Heroes? Check.
Only Minions with beards on the artwork? Go crazy!

You get the picture. As we said in our Year of the Raven preview, Blizzard seem to have their focus on player happiness and improving the game for the purposes of easier accessibility and fun above other things. Good stuff!