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Fortnite leaks in upcoming 4.0 patch

By Stoyan Todorov Fortnite 03 May 2018 203 views

We have recently reported on the host of issues that Fortnite developers and community members are looking to resolve in the upcoming 4.0 update for the battle royale game. However, we may have gotten our hands on a number of new Fortnite skins and emoticons.

As reported by FortniteIntel and our French colleagues from Millenium, four players skins are coming along. Three will come in both an epic and rare iterations. A total of seven different items, including tag bags, and weapons, will also be added to the game.

More promisingly, you will have new ways to communicating your sentiments in the heat of battle by encouraging your fellow gamblers with a ‘thumbs up’ emote or mocking their reluctance to face you in battle with a ‘chicken emote.’ Arguably a bad choice if your opponent has a sniper.

Fortnite skins have constituted a particular interest to the community and developers in equal measures. Devs see them as a way to make the game more personalised, and a no small stream of revenue, whereas players like the sense of distinction they get by adding a rare skin to their collection.

Community efforts have also been quite consistent in developing homage skins to favourite teams and players.