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Fortnite Battle Royale comes to the Switch

By Boyan Penev Fortnite 13 Jun 2018 273 views

As developer Epic Games confirmed, Fortnite’s immensely popular Battle Royale mode is now available on the Nintendo Switch. The game entered the Nintendo eShop on June 12, first in North America and by the evening worldwide.

Epic said they have ensured the Nintendo Switch version of Battle Royale is the same as those for the PC, PS4, Xbox One, Mac and mobile ones, sharing the same gameplay, content and teamplay. Players using the Nintendo platform will be able to squad up with opponents on most other platforms as long as the Switch account is linked to their Epic Games account. Linking the accounts ensures that content, progression etc. from other platforms is available on the Switch as well. However, unlike other games like Rocket League, there will not be any Switch-exclusive content either.

The one area where cross-platform gaming is limited is when it comes to PS4 players, who can not play with Xbox One or Switch players. This matches previous limitations which were preventing PS4 and Xbox One users from playing together and which appear to be due to Sony blocking cross-platform play from their side like they have done for Rocket League and Minecraft. Unfortunately, this also means that Fortnite players who used an Epic account on PS4 and want to play on Switch as well must create a new account.

The updated FAQ also confirms that there are currently no plans to bring the single player “Save the World” cooperative survival mode, where players focus on building a base and stopping the zombie-like “husks” to the Switch.