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Fnatic signs exclusive partnership with Best Buy

By Stoyan Todorov eSports 05 May 2018 396 views

Esports team Fnatic has signed up with retailer Best Buy, making it the organisation’s exclusive retail partner in the United States. With some 1,000 stores based in the US, Fnatic products will be easier to find and help the brand market its merchandise. The gear will launch exclusively in 330 stores to begin within May alone.

The project has been headed by Fnatic Gear and R&D boss Felix Guerra who has two decades of experience in the industry placing products on markets and helping buyers find them. As per the eSports powerhouse current offer, fans and enthusiasts may purchase:

  • STREAK, a keyboard that has been streamlined to facilitate eSports action, available at €129.99
  • miniSTREAK, a scaled down version of STREAK intended for players who are not accustomed to large pieces of gaming gear, available at €99.99
  • CLUTCH 2 and FLICK 2 a high-DPI mouse tailored to cater to eSports needs and serve as the gear of the team’s high-tier competitions, available at €59.99.

Guerra had this to say:

‘It’s been an incredible experience being invested in end-to-end product development of the Fnatic’s Gear Generation 2 line. The team spent countless hours listening to feedback from players and fans, to create the product line that’s fully loaded with new features and built-in functionality to give gamers everything they need to perform.’

Fanatic founder Sam Mathews was also pleased with the deal:

At Fnatic, it is our mission to help bring esports into every household in the world, and the partnership with Best Buy, a household name across North America, is another important step on the way.The relationship between Fnatic and Best Buy represents a unique opportunity to make the best esports equipment available to millions of gamers and continue contributing to the rapid growth of the esports industry.’