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FirstBlood to help PUBG grassrooters

By Stoyan Todorov PUBG 21 Apr 2018 130 views

FirstBlood, a competition platform dedicated to matching PUBG enthusiasts with high-ranked pros, has revealed more information about its upcoming offer. The platform will strive to introduce ‘additional layers of competition to PUBG.’

FirstBlood will set the pace of competitive play by adding custom challenges and prizes, which will go to the top performers. There will be rewards for everyone who uses the platform and attains certain milestones. These rewards will be handed out automatically while you play.

According to FirstBlood CEO Joe Zhou, the app will allow grassroots PUBG to progress. The game already receives sufficient attention from its developers and it is slated for a competitive future.

An additional goal that Zhou has established for the company is to help top eSports organisations to vet and pick well-performing players to sign up for their rosters. Ultimately, FirstBlood will seek to serve amateurs, fans and pros in equal measure.

The whole battle royale genre could eventually become the next major eSport. Presently, efforts are being made so that games such as PUBG and H1Z1 could be spectated effortlessly.

The advance of the whole genre coincides well with the popularity of mobile games, which has occasioned the emergence of mobile-first eSports titles.