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Fifteen in a row

By Nikola Petrov Overwatch 06 May 2018 414 views

The first game of the Playoffs is over and the Boston Uprising scored a quick victory, making it their 15th consecutive one.

Yesterday the Uprising looked overconfident and cocky when choosing their first opponent to play in the semi-final match. Today, when it was time to prove their worth as a team, they managed to do so in a swift and decisive matter. With the whole crowd cheering against them and rooting for the home team, Striker and company collected themselves and inflicted a nasty defeat on the ever-rising Gladiators, who had high hopes to see the finals.

The matchup was played in the new best-of-five mode, with a list of maps favouring Boston. One of the Gladiator’s strongest maps was the fourth one, so they had to rely on swift victory, or at least fending their opponents off long enough to get to the favourable positions. Unfortunately for them, only three games in total were played.

Game one: Junkertown

Armoured to the teeth and beyond, the Gladiators took an extremely defensive line-up with Orisa, Bastion, Roadhog, D.VA, Mercy and Widowmaker, versus Uprising’s traditional 2-2-2.

Surefour had an extremely strong start by picking up the opposing Widowmaker.

Shaz, piloting the Bastion (yes, that’s right!) scored an important triple kill to set up the team battle.

Striker’s RIP-Tire was shot down mid-air, ending the assault for the Blues. The Gladiator’s charge was very well organised and they showed formidable skill in defending the payload, scoring the first two points with ease.

In the third point though, the Uprising switched to their traditional Heroes and made significant progress slowing down the LA advance. This turned out to be the key in holding the payload just enough. By removing the opposing supports first, they were able to completely shut down LA’s assault, letting them only score 2 points.

When the sides switched and the Uprising were in the offence, they kept the 2-2-2 aggressive composition and rushed onward.

Just as Uprising were looking like they are about to close the map, Shaz, this time on the Zenyatta, scored another triple kill, ending the Blue assault right then and there. At least that’s what we thought. Right after respawn, the Uprising went straight into the zone and peeled off their opponents one by one, finishing the job and securing the first map 2-3.

Game two: Ilios

That was quick.

Fissure jumped ahead with Winston and took two of the most important Uprising players – Mistakes and Kellex, but that’s pretty much all he and his team did in the entire matchup. Striker made sure to send a message by killing the opposing Tracer killed a Pulse bomb. This must have messed with the home team’s head in the heat of battle. Before we could blink, the one-sided steamroll was over and Boston were victorious.  

Game three: Temple of Anubis

It was all or nothing for the Gladiators. ‘Shields up’ is not the right tactic on Anubis – they needed a complete assault without fancy techniques or flanking. They had to chase the enemy and destroy them. However, their execution wasn’t on-point.

Striker, being the main priority, was chased by three people and even a Transcendence was used against him, but he managed to kill them all. Behind on player count and ult economy, the Gladiators faced a tough fight. Before they know it, the blue-and-white squad was already on the objective and showering with gunfire everybody who shows their head.

Fissure was left alone. Though an MVP and an extremely capable tank, he didn’t have a chance of survival in the middle of the opposing team. The first point was won by Uprising without a single tick from LA, and the second followed soon.

Boston is playing the Stage finals. If the New York Excelsior take over the LA Valiant, something that’s almost guaranteed at that point, we’re in for a blue-on-blue final with two of the straight-up best-performing teams in the League.

Do they have what it takes to overthrow the most celebrated team in the League? Will they rob them of their Stage crown? And can the green warriors shut the NYXL even before the Finals and surprise everything?

These questions burn in the minds of Overwatch fans the world over. Hold your breath, because things are getting out of control!