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Favourites score wins, but at what cost?

By Nikola Petrov Overwatch 03 May 2018 222 views

The last week of OWL Stage 5 is here, bringing victories to the favourites. Philly defeated the Fuel as expected, but the Shock struggled against Houston.

Philadelphia Fusion 3-1 Dallas Fuel

This didn’t exactly come as a surprise. The analysers predicted a winning path for the Fusion, and the Dragons and the Fuel stood in their way. The orange camp played with confidence and precision, running through Dallas with a convincing advantage during the first three games. Oge had to take a seat in the half-time and be replaced by Cocco for much-needed boost in defence. The new line-up eventually paid off in Junkertown, where the Fuel earned a hard-fought 4-5 victory. Philadelphia’s hopes for the Playoffs are still alive, but they have a tough egg to crack – their last game against the LA Valiant.

Florida Mayhem 0-3 Los Angeles Gladiators

The Gladiators could afford no mistakes in this matchup. With their Playoff qualification on the line, there was only one way – forward. Their upcoming game against powerhouse Boston Uprising is a huge variable to account for, so they needed that win.

In a surprising turn of events, the first map ended up in a tie. The Mayhem took the lead, but then Los Angeles rushed in and gave them really tough time. Florida stood their ground and bought just enough time to push to an even score.

Both Numbani and Junkertown are weak spots for both teams. After the initial draw, everything was up in the air. The Gladiators issued a switch - Asher came to replace Hydration

The second game was an extremely close 2-2 tie until the very end, when the purples took the map last-second. The other two maps resulted in somewhat one-sided Gladiator victories. The excellent resurrections by BigGoose kept his team-mates alive, whithstanding the Florida attacks. They withstood all assault and ultimately prevailed in the matchup.

Houston Outlaws 2-3 San Francisco Shock

This was definitely one of the closest matchups in recent times. The tough stalemate started from map one and did not stop until the bitter end. A 3-3 tie was broken and Houston took the point after an aggressive Genji charge by Linkzr. The cowboys took the lead in the Escort map, but the Sock came right at them and outperformed them, stealing the game. Map three went in favour of the Outlaws, and Danteh was switched by Sinatraa in the Tracer role. Sinatraa ended up being prioritised in almost every team battle and spent a lot of time in respawn, but the brilliant hook-work from Super kept him covered enough to inflict just enough damage to the enemy. A difficult triumph was earned and the teams had to face for a final clash at Oasis. San Francisco took a convincing lead for the first time in the day during the final map, and that’s where a lead matters the most. They straight-up outgunned Houston and secured the win. A victory worth celebrating.