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ESIC responds to SCOTUS overturning gambling ban

By Stoyan Todorov eSports 15 May 2018 319 views

The Esports Integrity Coalition has been quick to respond on the lifting of the ban on online gambling in the United States by expressing concerns that ironclad regulations will be needed to guarantee the safety of consumers. The ESIC is a body that maintains a strong focus on uprooting ruinous practices from mainstream eSports, such as match manipulation and betting fraud.

ESIC is not itself against betting. Quite on the contrary, some of its most notable members are eSports bookmakers themselves. Let’s look at the facts quickly.

The 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) is what prevents online operators and bookmakers to operate in the United States. The legislation is a Federal law, which has been defeated in separate states, most notably New Jersey.

New Jersey has spent lavish amounts of money to battle it in court. By one estimate, the state has committed nearly $9 million to fight off the legislation. PASPA was finally overturned on 14 May with a Supreme Court decision.

Many had hoped that even if New Jersey’s bid is defeated, SCOTUS would at least allow states to hammer their own laws pertaining to online gambling and betting. As per what transpired on Monday, states may now seek to legalise all forms of online gambling.

While the ESIC has been largely in favour of the issue, it has still warned about a few caveats that may need to be observed before becoming overindulgent. Responding to a Tweet, ESIC had this to say:

With the federal ban swept away, the future of eSports gambling is set to be a major part of the development of online gambling in the United States. A topic we will continue to keep you informed on.