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eGency Global, SMU pool efforts to overhaul eSports meetings

By Stoyan Todorov eSports 16 May 2018 262 views

EGency Global is pushing ahead with its eSports plans with the announcement of Over Powered Live Dallas, a premier eSports event, the press release reads. An experienced marketer, producer, and talent management firm, eGency Global will join forces with the Southern Methodist University (SMU) Guildhall, which is touted as one of the best video game design institutions of higher learning in the world.

eGency Global and SMU will seek to create a more versatile experience for eSports enthusiasts that will go beyond what the audience has come to expect from traditional competitive pow-wows.

The event will highlight the opportunities that the professional video game industry and what it offers in terms of employment prospects. Esports has been determined to address common problems, such as lack of female athletes in the segment, and the collaboration will seek to tackle such issues in equal measure.

Held in the Irving Convention Centre, Texas, the two-day meeting will be packed with events, which will touch on matters that go beyond eSports but are strongly related to the segment:

  • Competitions for 16 collegiate teams and four pro eSports teams, with prizes to be awarded.
  • Showcases featuring never-before-seen games created by SMU students and alumni.
  • Mini TED-like talks with industry experts.
  • Interactive and personalized experiences.
  • Cosplay and game art gallery.
  • High School Hackathon, where students compete to identify, defend and terminate cybersecurity threats in a fictional small business.
  • Fundraising to benefit Children’s Medical Center Dallas through Extra Life, a division of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Despite its multifarious focus, the event will still focus on eSports exclusively, comments eGency global director of marketing Stephanie Chavez. She had this to add:

‘In the past year, we’ve spoken with dozens of fans who regularly attend esports and gaming events. We wanted to find out what they love most about the events and where improvements could be made. This insight was invaluable when we were planning OP Live Dallas.’

eGency Global CEO Chris Stone has professed the inner strive towards excellence that has motivated the company by saying:

‘At eGency Global, we employ the best of the best in every aspect of esports event planning and execution. When esports fans talk, not only do we listen, we make it our mission to respond with innovative solutions that will exceed their expectations. That was our goal with OP Live Dallas.’