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Diablo to get a rework

By Tasho Tashev Heroes of the Storm 14 May 2018 291 views

The Lord of Terror is getting a rework very soon. Blizzard released a video with the upcoming changes of the soul collector. As mentioned in it, the focus will be on preserving popular builds, while providing better control over his abilities.

Fire Stomp will no longer be effective in all directions, but in a cone. To make up for the smaller area it covers now, the damage has been increased, with the returning wave doing thrice as much. Each fireball can hit an enemy only once and, additionally, Diablo is healed for a percentage of the damage dealt.

Shadow Charge now allows players to see pathing indicators, giving you a chance to land a perfect stun. The part of the ability that granted armour is no longer there, making way for bonus move speed. You can still choose to gain armour with a talent, after performing a perfect Shadow Charge.

No doubt the most interesting change will be the resets on Fire Stomp. Using Shadow Charge or Overpower refreshes the fiery cone and sets the stage for some spectacular combos. From all we know so far, both of his heroics will remain pretty much the same. There’s already a potential leak regarding Lightning Breath based on a response from BlizzNeyman, who mentioned on /r/heroesofthestorm that: ‘Lightning Breath now has a ramping slow effect on it as well.’ There are still no official patch notes, so we’ll have to wait and see if what we saw in the video is official.

In the meantime, don’t expect to see less Diablo, the worst is yet to come.