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Deckard Cain identified

By Tasho Tashev Heroes of the Storm 11 Apr 2018 492 views

The rusty old scholar is actually going to make it into the Nexus and that’s not an April Fools’ joke. A little above a year back there was an actual thread where people could give suggestions for the hero design, but did anyone really expect those to be taken into consideration? Needless to say, the topic was quite popular and it’s also nice to see that quite a lot of the ideas from there and parts of the hero’s lore are implemented into his kit.

A rather controversial choice, he’s a melee support. His trait, Fortitude of the Faithful, is tied to that fact and gives bonus armor, as well as lower cooldowns on all of his basic abilities. That will no doubt work well with a good front-line hero that can protect Cain when necessary.

His first ability is Healing Potion, allowing him to drop flasks over the map, which can be later picked up by teammates. There’s no duration to how long a potion can last, only a limit of five at a time. This will let players hoard five instances in close proximity to each other, giving an almost instant way of healing. That’s further enhanced by a talent that makes potions last forever and only need a brief moment to recharge.

Then his W, a beloved artifact from the good old days, the Horadric Cube. Really a rather disappointing effect initially, dealing damage and slowing enemies. With the addition of a talent though, the cube’s properties from Diablo come to life in the Nexus, making every enemy hit by it spawn a lesser healing potion. His effects can be augmented by other talents with the use of gems – Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald. Each gem has a unique effect and only one can be active at a time.

Scroll of Sealing forms a triangle over a short duration which then deals damage to and roots all enemies caught inside, giving Deckard great area denial. This combines well with either of his ultimate abilities.

Stay Awhile and Listen is his first heroic ability – boring enemies around him. Catching any hostiles in a wide cone will cause them to fall asleep up to 5 seconds, this gives him potential for great setups when combined not only with his abilities, a guaranteed root and slow right after, but also hard to land area of effect skills from teammates.

His second heroic, Lorenado – which was initially an April Fool’s joke, is once more focused on controlling the area, knocking every enemy it comes in contact with. While useful to zone out people from narrow spots it could also mess up friendly setups if there’s no proper communication. Then again that’s also true for the first heroic.

If Deckard Cain and Tassadar are on the same team, it’s basically Michael Gough talking to himself.