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China Gold League Finals

By Tasho Tashev Heroes of the Storm 26 Apr 2018 233 views

This Wednesday was the last day of the China Gold League with the battle for a spot in the Mid-Season Brawl and the grand prize between BTG, TheOne and Chall Enge intensifying. While Chall Enge had their participation in the Brawl secured, the same couldn’t be said about the rest.

TheOne started with a quick lead over BTG in the first two games, by severely outdrafting their opponents. Game three was the interesting one, with the advantage constantly shifting from one side to the other. In the end, Beyond The Game successfully took all enemy forts, shoved in with a boss and an almost full wave of zerg for the final siege that brought them the first victory of the day.

Next up in game four on the Infernal Shrines, BTG had the chance to even the score. They didn’t disappoint by taking a lot of objectives early on and just when it seemed that the balance between the two was restored TheOne were completely wiped out. This allowed BTG to snowball for a fort advantage and some easy damage on the enemy core. Sadly, their overconfidence cost them the game after a team wipe of their own and TheOne took the series with a 3-1.

So, we’ve had no surprises for the finals, the top teams from the group stage got to play against each other, Chall Enge versus TheOne.

In the first match between them, it was all even until the fateful level ten. Hanzo was the last character to select a heroic ability, desperately holding onto that skill point. He was waiting for the right moment and it actually came, as he made good use of an unexpected Dragon Strike and demolished the enemy. As if that wasn’t enough, the situation repeated itself a second time, with the archer securing a three-level advantage for his squad. Time and time again Warden’s Cage and Dragon Strike proved to be a devastating combo, which TheOne had no answers to. CE took game one with a final push by focusing entirely on the core and ignoring all enemy heroes.

In the next one, taking place in The Tomb of the Spider Queen, CE focused the enemy Garrosh and once he was dead, they could just easily take objectives. The two teams kept exchanging webweavers, but in the final moments of the game, CE had two of them on the enemy core, which guaranteed a second victory.

The third match took place in The Cursed Hollow, where CE had their backs against the wall, forced to play from behind the whole time. TheOne had a fort advantage and won a clutch teamfight near the boss, which wrapped up the game to a 2-1, giving them the hope of a potential comeback.

The map for game number four was The Dragon Shire. CE wanted to finish it all with a draft heavily focused on pushing – Tychus, Blaze, Stukov, Varian, and Hanzo. The first fort fell at 2:40, which was one of the earliest timings for the entire tournament. They took the first Dragon Knight and all the value that came from it, completely dominating the map, with enemy buildings crumbling on every lane. In a convincing manner, CE took the enemy core, thanks to the constant pressure they applied, and lots of catapults.

TheOne and CE gave us high-quality matches and both of them will be going to the Mid-Season Brawl in June and BTS taking the honourable third place.