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ChiliZ invests $10m in battle royale eSports

By Stoyan Todorov eSports 27 May 2018 238 views

ChiliZ has become the latest eSports organisations with plans to invest substantially in the battle royale game segment. ChiliZ is forwarding a minimum of $10 million into different initiatives which are linked to PUBG and Fortnite, the highest grossing genre games in history.

Following Epic Game’s $100 million investment for Fortnite eSports tournament, and effectively eSports’ largest amount invested to date, chiliZ has decided to pursue a similar course of action, albeit with a more modest sum.

Instead of helping established organisations, chiliZ will focus on bolstering the grassroots movements and support minnow eSports organisations that have interest in the vibrant battle royale segment. ChiliZ has commented that this specific type of games offers a rich mixture of ‘entertainment value and sports.’

ChiliZ has been right in its surmise of the battle royale genre. Fortnite has broken all records, topping Twitch viewership in several consecutive months. Fans clocked as many as 41 million hours, or thereabouts, of battle royale content between 7-13 May. A single streamer playing the game managed to amass more concomitant viewers than mainstream events themselves.

Now, the latest data shows that in April alone, the game notched up as much as $296 million. This is well in line with the rumoured $1 million a day earnings the game has managed.

Chiliz CEO Alex Dreyfus has been upbeat about the company’s decision to support smaller organisations:

We will provide funding and our fan-engagement/fan-monetisation platform to esports organisations who are looking to enter the competitive ‘Battle Royale’ gaming landscape. Our goal is to kick-start a new vision of how organisations can connect with fans for a more inclusive approach to esports. We are delighted with the feedback chiliZ has received from leading executives from some of the largest and most well-known esports organisations.’

As part of its mission in eSports, chiliZ seeks to address two pressing problems that are omnipresent in the industry. First, it wants to whip up fan engagement, and secondly, it seeks to pour fresh capital into promising eSports ventures.

Any team backed by chiliZ has to allow fans to be involved in basic operations of the team, including selecting a roster or deciding which team to play next. ChiliZ has recently added $27 million in a private placement related to its own blockchain token.