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Boston takes the lead

By Nikola Petrov Overwatch 26 Apr 2018 265 views

Week 4 of Stage 3 begun with massive sweeps from the favourites. While the games didn’t end up with big surprises, they were as intense as ever.

Shanghai Dragons 1-3 Boston Uprising

The first and the last teams in the standings met to kick the week off. Boston are one of the teams with the most fascinating storyline so far, as they began with no-name players and fought their way to Stage domination and second overall position, rivaling reigning champions NYXL. Their upcoming matches – Dragons and Fuel, followed by Valiant and Gladiators, inspire confidence, and the team walked on stage to win. Shanghai, on the other hand, are improving with every passing game, and we never know when the surprising strike will be dealt.

The Dragons gave Boston a tough time. Their composition was tight and damage was on point. However, The Uprising really outperformed the Chinese in terms of healing, and that’s what tipped the scales. Map one was close, but it went in favour of the blue team.

Realising that, the Dragons quickly adapted and started peeling for Zenyatta, but it wasn’t enough. Boston took map two and then secured the match in map three. Shanghai went out in a bang, with an extremely close last battle, stopping the payload at it was touching the point. They took the best they could in the situation and hurt Uprising’s deferential.

Los Angeles Valiant 1-3 Houston Outlaws

The green vs green action didn’t have as clear favourite as the previous game. The Outlaws mustered their forces and pushed away the Valiant in the first map, exploiting a few tactical mistakes and eliminating their healers completely at a certain point. In the second map, LA were in home on at least three levels – the map was Blizzard world, the venue was Blizzard Arena, and the team was LA native. However, none of these things seemed to impress the Texans, as they swept the map quickly. In a situation mirroring the first game, the match was decided in a 0-3, which the Valiant managed to turn into 1-3 by the end of the day.

Dallas Fuel 1-3 Florida Mayhem

Outside of the Dragons, these were the other two teams currently at the bottom of the standings and they had to duke it out to see who should go up. It is no secret that the Dallas have many internal issues and haven’t recovered from the recent changes in line-up. And their score reflected that. The Mayhem played well, and took the first map relatively easily, and proceeded to win the second map, though the second clash was much closer. To complete the poetic theme of the day, these two teams also settled on 1-3, after a solid 0-3. A much-needed shot in the arm for Florida, who hadn’t won in a good while.