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BlizzCon cosplay has a new format

By Nikola Petrov eSports 05 Jun 2018 274 views

BlizzCon’s Community Night will feature talented cosplayers from around the globe with an updated ruleset.

The new format is designed to provide a better experience for the cosplayers in terms of their application process and participation. The new rules also aim to feature more talent and expand the categories in which the costumes are divided.

Up until now, it was a race against the clock for participants. The first hundred submitted cosplays would be taken into consideration for inclusion on the main stage. This year candidates will be given specific deadlines to submit their pictures. From that point on, in-house judges will select the top 25 talents to be invited in the main event during the Community Night. They also promise better and more personalised communication before the event – candidates will be asked on the regular to provide pictures, videos, shopping lists and other proof of their progress and milestones reached.

The cosplay will be separated into few different categories as follows:

  • Individual or Duo Construction: This category is for entrants who worked on or built a costume solo or with the assistance of one partner.
  • Group Construction: This category is for teams of 3 or more people who each made significant contributions to the creation of a single costume.
  • Artisan Crafting: This category focuses on the fine details, recognizing skills that really shine close-up, such as meticulous tailoring and embroidery or intricate leatherworking details.
  • Large-scale Fabrication: This category recognizes excellence creating costumes with props, armor pieces, and other such elements through the use of media like foam and 3D printing. This category includes the “larger-than-life” costumes—but if you’re planning to work on something like that, please note there will be size and mobility restrictions similar to last year.
  • Makeup & Special Effects: This category includes skills like prosthetics, hair, makeup, and body painting, along with FX lighting and animatronics.

Costumes will be put in only one of these categories based on the judges’ discretion.

The event will also have a dedicated Cosplay Exhibition event where the top 25 cosplayers who didn’t quite make the cut for the main stage will be given the chance to show off their work.

The Talent, Movie and Art contests, such as the popular character voice impersonation contest, remain unchanged.