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Activision and Treyarch flesh out Black Ops 4

By Stoyan Todorov eSports 08 May 2018 260 views

Activision Blizzard’s quarterly earnings call has shed some light on the upcoming continuation of the Call of Duty Black Ops series. Treyarch and Activision announced that the latest instalment in the franchise will indeed be Black Ops 4.

The game is planned for an autumn release on 12 October. With one unknown settled, more important questions remain to be answered. First, Activision said that the Black Ops franchise has been one of the most popular development chapters in the Call of Duty’s series, explaining why the company had preferred to push it ahead one month.

We finally got our confirmation that new changes were coming to the game’s multiplayer and a new zombie mode was confirmed. It’s quite likely that a new feature can emerge in Black Ops 4 as a precursor to a battle royale game/mode.

As the Black Ops series seems to be one of the most successful chapters in the Call of Duty universe, it is understandable why Blizzard/Activision has opted to entrust significant changes in the game’s framework to Treyarch.

We have noted before that the single-player campaign would likely be scrapped owing to poor popularity in Black Ops 3, and nothing to disprove this rumour came during the financial call.

The company also paid due attention to the developing eSports industry where Call of Duty remained a staple title.

Activision confirmed that Call of Duty continued to command significant interest from the community with satisfactory cumulative viewing hours. The company has also said to have had significant experience with Overwatch and the associated professional league, allowing it to garner better understanding of how to run such ventures successfully.