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By Sven Neuhaus Overwatch 10 Feb 2018 317 views

Overwatch League commissioner Nate Nanzer confirmed during Blizzard’s quarterly earnings call on Thursday that the Overwatch League will be expanding for Season 2.

In a tweet on Friday, Jacob Wolf from ESPN eSports said Nanzer told him about a large expansion to Europe and Asia.

After the league was announced, Blizzard did spread the word that the Overwatch League will represent cities around the globe, but currently only three of the twelve teams hail from cities outside the United States and only one of them is actually operating internationally.

This one team is also owned by a Chinese licensing Partner of Blizzard, Netease, which has the potential of a future conflict of interest.

According to Nanzer, the plans for Season 2 are to split OWL into four segments and each of them to be played out in a different region with local teams which will host individual events in their respective cities.

The expansion would also mean that more teams will be featured in the league.

As the buy-in fee for the league is rumoured to be $20 million, we are tensed to see which will be the new teams that will throw their hats into the competition.

Stage 1 of the initial season of the OWL is now finished and we are waiting for Stage 2 which is set to kick off on 21 February 2018.

We will watch with tension, how this new model of the OWL will work out for Season 2.

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