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By Stoyan Todorov eSports 04 May 2018 140 views

With the establishment of the Call of Duty World League by Activision, a lot has changed in the world of electronic sports. Activision has created an ecosystem where players’ transfers bear significant resemblance to their mainstream counterparts.

Players leaving eSports organisations on a whim has become a rather more challenging task to undertake. And this may be a rather difficult reality for players to accept. Amid the high turnover of players, OpTic Gaming, or the Green Wall, as they are known among fans, have managed to weather the storms and keep their roster intact. Until now, sources say.

Even though 2017 has not been a bad year for the team, particularly with the victory during the Call of Duty Championship in August, the team has stagnated in terms of important distinctions.

OpTic Gaming may have reached a point where they will try to add fresh blood to their roster with the reported acquisition of Rise Nation’s Anthony ‘Methodz’ Zinni. Rumours have been swirling that Zinni was bought by Team Kaliber, but a failure to deliver payment took a toll on the deal.

OpTic may also be looking into more changes, including adding Tommy ‘ZooMaa’ Paparatto from Faze Clan. Additional reshuffling may be underway to OpTic Gaming, Dexerto has reported, citing an anonymous source. However, for the time being, little else is known.

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