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By Stoyan Ovcharov CS:GO 03 May 2018 339 views

Astralis defeated Fnatic in the Group B upper bracket final at IEM Sydney on Thursday, thereby earning a spot for the tournament’s semi-finals.

The Danish team started off well on their map pick, Overpass, securing a comfortable 8-1 advantage as Terrorists. In the following rounds Fnatic managed to get up to speed and close in on Astralis, to 9-6 at halftime.

After the switch, Astralis expanded their lead, this time on the CT side, taking the first six rounds and leaving no chances to the Swedish team. It was at this dire moment with Astralis already at map point, when Freddy ‘KRIMZ’ Johansson kept Fnatic in the game with a nice triple kill. The Swedes took the next two rounds, but their comeback attempt did not last more than this as the Danes were able to close the map 16-9.

The first half on Cache began with Fnatic taking the pistol round with a triple kill courtesy of KRIMZ. The good start of the Swedes was soon eclipsed by Astralis who took the next round with a force buy and went on a killing spree taking the next 12 rounds, showing they’ve carried on with the spectacular form we saw during DreamHack Masters Marseille. Fnatic only managed to take the very last round of the first half with a 1v2 clutch by Jonas ‘Lekr0’ Olofsson.

The second half started with Astralis winning the pistol round on the T side. Next, Fnatic pulled off a comeback attempt taking five rounds in a row for a 14-7 score in favour of the Astralis. The Danes were quick to stop Fnatic’s momentum, got the next two rounds and sealed the series 2-0 and 16-7 on the second map.

Astralis are through to the semis undefeated. Their next game at IEM Sydney will be on Saturday when they will be facing the winner of tomorrow’s quarterfinal between Renegades and mousesports. Meanwhile, fnatic will have to play against FaZe to stay in the tournament.

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