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By Tasho Tashev Dota 2 03 May 2018 158 views

Now that the group stage of EPICENTER XL is over, let’s take a look at what happened so far.

Team Liquid showed us world-class play and remain the only undefeated team with five wins. Standing on top of Group A they are still one of the favourites for winning the tournament. The only ones that managed to take a game from the recent TI-winners were PSG.LGD and FlyToMoon.

Following close by are PSG.LGD and Virtus.pro, each with only a single loss. In fact, VP’s fateful defeat was against no other than Natus Vincere. The TI1 champions had their night of glory, taking down arguably the best team in the world right now. NaVi prevailed versus Team Secret and all of their fans were hyped that we’ll see them going further in the event, but then they suffered at the hands of Newbee and got eliminated by the Brazilian paiN Gaming. PSG’s new partnership with LGD Gaming seems to be paying off so far, but nothing is certain yet.

You could say that Group A was the easier one, with the way the ranking went. A team with 5-0 at the top and a team with 0-5 at the bottom, followed by a 4-1 which was mirrored by a 1-4. Complexity and Team Empire will be leaving for now, while a decider match will be held between DAC 2018 winners Mineski and FlyToMoon in round one of the lower brackets.

The title for the worst performance goes to Team Empire, who didn’t score even a single victory, even though they’ve had a lot of close games. Something just wasn’t enough. Complexity are in the same boat but managed to take it over Empire for an honourable 1-4 final result.

Things weren’t so fleshed out in Group B where ranks three to six are all having a 2-3 score, but the difference came from the win to loss ratio.

OG performed well and landed on the second place, preceded only by VP. Secret and paiN Gaming tied for third and fourth respectively, but tomorrow only one shall remain. Newbee haven’t done any changes to their roster since September 2016 and they should be a well oiled machine by now, but lately they’re letting fans down. The latest performance was underwhelming, causing their early departure from the tournament, leaving PSG.LGD as China’s last hope.

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