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By Stoyan Todorov PUBG 27 Apr 2018 207 views

The recently announced PUBG Global Invitational, the world’s first major PUBG competition, will also feature one team from Africa, apart members from the bastions of eSports Europe, Asia, and North America.

In the recent announcement of PUBG’s first eSports tournament, featuring a juicy $2 million in prize money, PUBG Corp. announced that one North African team may also join the fray for the right of adorning itself with ‘bragging rights.’ The tournament will be held in Berlin, Germany.

As we have reported before, the tournament will feature two perspective modes, third-person perspective (TPP), and first-person perspective (FPP). To that end, the hosts will run several dates for the tournaments, and separate the competing teams.

Overall, 20 squads will join the fray. At a recently concluded show-tournament in Fortnite, quite a few players demonstrated skilled play that could easily earn them a spot among the world’s best competitive organisations, should Fortnite take off as a fully-fledged eSports, which is quite likely.

The African continent has been chronically overlooked when it comes to professional video gaming, and what competitors have earned a name from themselves have sought supporting organisations from abroad.

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